English is the language that predominates in the world, since this is the fact that most expansion has in the world of relationships and business and who does not like to master a second language that there will be many employment doors, is a great tool for life, is why make English courses are the ideal tool to be able to advance in the knowledge, understanding and management of this language that makes every day more necessary in the lives of all people who live to the rhythm of the evolution of the world. For some the English language can be very difficult to learn, since they have never heard phrases in this language or cultural roots are very rooted and somewhat hinder understanding of the language as well as their proper pronunciation, therefore the schools that provide courses of groin have proposed English courses of initiation where carried out exercises with individual words and easy to understand, like to go is getting used to the English language and the accent which is due to the pronunciation of the words, so between words that are handled in the introductory courses are words related to colors, numbers among others that are of easy pronunciation and have a level of basic assimilation that handle similar to the own language characters, after having some development in the English language step forward in English courses is the advance at the basic level where topics are a bit more difficult to assimilate, which however are not overly difficult, among whom are pronouns, certain and indefinite articles, prepositions, dates, greetings, always making a focus on correct pronunciation and writing, after passing of this section of the English courses is passed to the part of the Cardinal and ordinal, plural numbers of nouns, adjectives simple and qualified already at the end of the basic courses of English begins to conjugate verbs in present simple and continuous, past and future, to pass this stage of English courses are taught the word that you can abbreviate and ways of doing contractions of the words, is very important to emphasize that these English courses make much emphasis on aspects of correct writing, exercises, speaking and listening help to relate more to the student with the English language, in such a way are proposed as exercises make recordings are where spoken texts or English phrases with respect to activities of daily living or conversations with friendsalso as teaching aid recordings is used not to be the student who perform them but the student hear conversations and understand them and then write them and so it can be shown that much progress in the understanding of the language, already at levels more advanced it is eliminating to the greatest extent possible the use of the own language, this with the idea that only think about English, besides in English courses more advanced conversations are made more complex conjugating verbs in different times, the abbreviations and using more modes in verbs. Original author and source of the article.