Which Are the Agents Who Constitute one Environments of Marketing? That Impacts Can Cause the Occured Changes in the Canals of Distribution? in the Legislation? Where Measure the Technology Affects the Organizations? An environment of Marketing is constituted by agents and forces relatively are of the control of the organizations, which affect its businesses directly. Of this form, we can say that an environment of Marketing is divided in: Macroambiente: it is formed by the social forces as the demography, the economy (of the country or the International), the politics, the technology, the ecology and the behavior of the consumers. Microambiente: it is formed by next forces to the organization as its suppliers, the consumers, its competitors, its deliverers and the current law. Ahead of this, it is necessary that the corporation knows to react quickly to the events or to anticipate it they, a time that the environment where it is acting offers to as many threats how much chances to organizations. One of the best examples that illustrate an ambient change transformed into chances had been the occured changes in the Canals of Distribution in Brazil.

At the beginning of the years 80 diverse Brazilian retailers had started to work with proper marks, where some small industries had started to exclusively manufacture products with the mark of the retailers. They were products of quality, cheaper than the national marks and that they did not present the costs of the propaganda and the promotion of sales. These products had started to have a volume of sales that would not have been possible in other situations, in function of the inexistence of financial resources for propaganda and promotion. Another example of change in the environment (Legislation and Economy) transformed into chance was registered in 1967, when Brazil still lived the Military Regimen and was launched IOB (Informaes Objetivas). One was about a legal-countable publication that at great length explained the confusion of laws created for the military after creation of the new Code Tributary and the FGTS.