At the end of the third competition of quality coffee Dominican spent 24 individual producers left in the following positions from the first and older: Cyril Diaz. The Sanchez Constanza 79.50 Manuel Antonio Hernandez. Cerro Prieto, Juncalito 78.98 Diomedes Santiago Baez. San Cristobal 76.75 Melvin Miguel Tejada. Franco Bido, Juncalito 76.70 Juan Luis Tejada. Jumumuco, Jarabacoa 76.68 Cayetano Manuel Taveras. Las Lagunas 76.43 Julio Antonio Mina anymore. Cerro Prieto, Juncalito 76.35 Humberto de Jesus Perez. Las Lagunas 76.30 Welcome Terrero. Neyba 75.55 Karoma. Las Lagunas 75.20 Armando Santana. Neyba 74.28 Rafael Antonio Almonte (Fey). Las Lagunas 74.25 Fabio Luis Ramirez. Step Short, Jarabacoa 73.95 Natalio Mars. The Cacique, Juncalito 73.58 Amado Martinez.Father de las Casas, Azua 73.58 Jose Joaquin Taveras. Cerro Prieto, Juncalito 73.45 Belarminio Ramirez. Alto del Yaque, Jarabacoa 73.20 Joseph Lucia Adrian. The Pe ita Down, Rancho Arriba 73.15 Roberto Echavarria. Constanza 72.75 Eddy Ramirez. The piglets, Jarabacoa 72.28 Delcio Martinez. Jamamucito, Las Lagunas 71.45 Ramon Gomez. Hope, Mao 70.33 Morel Roberto Arias, Esperanza Mao 68.70 Ramon A. Diaz. Peralta, Azua 66.90 1st place: Cyril DIAZ.LOS SEZ, CONSTANCE: Cyril Diaz’s farm is located between Los Sanchez and pull at an average altitude of 1,350 meters. It has acres of coffee and lemons caturra Persians. The coffee is highest at an altitude of 1.460 meters, being one of the highest coffee plantations of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Six tasters gave total scores between 80 and 85, while the other six gave scores between 70 and 80. The total average score was 79.5 In recent days we devote a special chapter to this cafe and we discussed the details with luxuries tastings of the playoffs and the finals for this glorious coffee. The fragrance / aroma average obtained by Cyril coffee was 7.5, having 3 tasters rated it between 8 and 9, and nine scored between 7 and 8 Two assessors scored with 9 flavor, three between 8 and 9, while the other 7 scored between 7 and 8.So the taste gets an average of 7.7 A taster of Europe with 9 qualify the aftertaste, three with note 8, six points between 7 and 8, and there were 2 assessors, one national and one of North America called it a mere 6. Thus the average was 7.3 The acidity was rated between 8 and 9 by five tasters, while the other 7 scored between 7 and 8. His 7.6 average achievement 7.3 was the average for three tasters because the body deserves an 8, a majority of eight tasters between 7 and 8, the one you describe and 6.5 points Only 2 assessors are not even the 5 cups so it’s uniformity averaged 9.7. The same is true for the clean cup. A balance of 7.5 is achieved because four assessors value it between 8 and 9, seven between 7 and 8 and only one puts only a 6.5 The sweetness reaches an average of 7.5 because a Japanese taster puts a 10, he recorded three tasters between 8 and nine, seven between 7 and 8 and one national punishment as a 6. The average preference was 7.8, where the taster is rewarded with a 9, for four deserves 8, five tasters call him between 7 and 8 and it penalizes an American with a 6.5 No taster cups penalized because they are defective and only four do not comment Cyril Diaz coffee. It appears that the Elam taster did not like this coffee, which was what gave it scores less, but nevertheless describes a dominica very positive way, he is viewed with a certain tartness, fruity, citric and pleasant.