Products that people are looking for on the Internet. Navigators, users or subscribers, their searches in the network have changed over time, and now more than ever their preferences have become more refined, say each user knows exactly what he is looking for, so that you are looking for it and in general already has a minimal idea of what can be done with the product you purchase. We focus on marketing on the web, products that can be found online are counted in the thousands, that each and every one fulfill what its description promises is another topic, mainly because the utility that we can obtain depends exclusively on each person in particular; When a product either software or ebook or on marketing gives us clear details on its use, benefits and utilities results are according to wit, constancy, the valuation that we give to the product, etc., to name a few of the factors involved in its ultimate goal. There are no accurate guides to acquire a product and obtaining results insurance, so yes, You can follow some tips that will make your purchase is secure and you can make the most of it: 1 – have to know exactly what you really looking for that if you navigate to drift it is likely to finish acquiring a product that provide not enough to the stage in which is located in the development of your business, entrepreneurship or future entrepreneurship, for example if it is the beginning of a business on the web must acquire information on the functioning of the marketing on the web and not for example an author answer, if it is true that he needed it but more forward and surely over time may evaluate further options that most suit you. 2.