A Mr: Yes? Yea? is someone there? It seems that I am not. It cannot be, something strange happens to me. Please does anyone know where I am? I see my hands, I feel my body, I talk to myself and I think. Yes, yes I am thinking! It is obvious that I have to be somewhere. However I am not. I’m not there, where I have to be.

This is my place. But I do not see, nor see who I am. Let’s see, it all started a few years ago. I won a contest on TV. I was the happiest man in the world. I began to see myself on posters, the picture of my face with my name was all over town. He turned on the TV and there I was moving my waist.

On the radio my voice was flag of artistic fashion. Little by little I was seeing increasingly more and more, more magnified, more known by the people. I went I and more, and much more. There was a moment, I remember within a Nebula, each time was more more, more and more, but less I. My father, before he died, left me, as part of his inheritance, a Council, as well as an immense fortune. I said: sold the business and be yourself. I was surprised, but it is now when I understand those words. My father became one product of your company. Your way talk, love, live and of all his work in life was his way of being for your business, for your business and from the. It had become the business. But giving more. My uncle Aniceto was a wage-earner. Official, for worse and for his glory of quiet and safe life. It was he who wanted to make the exams and he approved them, it was he who wish a steady employment and that it depended on the administration.