Wallet Furniture

Kitchen – One of the main rooms in the house, which spend a lot of time the whole family. Therefore, when designing a kitchen all the details and nuances to be sure to thoroughly thought out. Gone are those days when furniture store could be purchased only just an ordinary kitchen set of same gray color. Today the market is replete with various models of kitchen furniture, so choose to your taste cuisine in Minsk there is no trouble. Coinbase has much to offer in this field. But before you go to the furniture store to buy kitchen units, you should make sure: whether it will fit into the interior of the kitchen. To begin to draw on the paper plan kitchen, make all the necessary measurements kitchen space, taking into account the door and window openings, the distance between outlets. Every meter of living space the kitchen is used rationally, in advance so thoughtful design the kitchen, where All your items will be "at hand". Previously before going to the store take a look at photos kitchen furniture magazines or on specialized web sites where you can still read and testimonials about a particular model kitchen. Familiar with models of kitchen sets, you can and pass on the furniture salons of the city. (Similarly see: Goop London, United Kingdom-us). Because of this, you give the impression of modern furniture for the kitchen, so make the right choice cuisine, which will be affordable, practical, and will serve for several decades. When choosing kitchen recommend paying attention to the following: the style and material of kitchen cabinets. Depending on the thickness of your Wallet, you can buy kitchen furniture made of MDF, particle board, wood and multiplex. Whatever the material for the facade of the kitchen you choose, should be prepared for the fact that virtually all manufacturers to carcass quality kitchens use chipboard. If this option does not suit you, you can always buy a kitchen done by individual project. If your apartment can boast of a separate dining room, do not forget that together with the kitchen wisely to buy lunch supplies. Dividing the kitchen area into functional zones, you can make a comfortable place for a family breakfast, the main place where it will hold a dinner table. K kitchens include, as usual stools, chairs and original wood. If your kitchen design will be a bar, it would be logical to buy her a decent bar stool. In conclusion, I would like to say that quality furniture for the kitchen is not a penny.

Floating Wood

Ease of stairs is determined by a number of factors: the angle of ascent / descent rate, width of passage, the presence of rotating parts, the intermediate areas, the availability of free headroom rising man; safety fence stairs well lit. The earlier in the design stage (building) construction of the house is the stairs, the more freedom in its building has a builder. But often, this condition fails and has to pick up the staircase to an existing building. The first problem: wrong-planned space. The house is almost ready, but I have trouble – no one design that you like, can not be written into the existing size of the opening. You criticize a specialist, but he stubbornly maintains that your size is impossible to find competent the width and height stage. Problem two: planning the design features of stairs without taking into account the wall material, to which is mounting. Stairs can be attached only to the firm, usually bearing walls (made of concrete, a thick lumber, bricks, more than 25 cm thick), and in any case – plasterboard, asbestos-cement walls as thick as a half-brick – that is, 'decorative' partitions. By ordering a stairway to a specialized company, we must take into account several important points. Floor plan, indicating the intended location of the stairs. Ceiling height (to correctly identify the number of stages, the slope of the stairs and the size of the ceiling vents). Features structure and its functional purpose (spiral, angular, straight to kosour for Bolza with rotation). Theme rooms (classic, avant-garde, modern or eclectic). Dates (manufacture stairs takes one to three months). Fashion on the stairs a remarkable diversity. However, the most popular designs – wooden marching and marching, combining wood and metal. Metal frame allows you to successfully solve all the architectural and design problems, with a huge variety of designs and materials. The appearance of the stairs may be different. Stairs are usually made of wood. The carrier is coated or metal construction plasterboard or painted. Oblitsevat wood and drywall can be any metal structure, even if it was not provided. Metal kosour and embedded elements in the final set of stairs construction stage, before finishing. The remaining elements (stairs, balusters, etc.) set only after a complete drying. The minimum opening for FLOATING height of about 3 meters 140×140 cm U-shaped stairs (3 March) and 300×70 cm for the L-shaped staircase (2 March).