MES & Process Minds Europe 2013 Conference

One of Europe BBs leading conference in the field of management execution system the MES & process minds 2013 has become one of the leading conferences for strategic approaches and challenges in the field of management execution system. With over 100 of the leading opinion maker from over 50 world leading organizations, the MES & process minds Europe 2013 for the be the definitive event industry. Furthermore, this unique conference includes more than 28 sessions, 8 world cafes, 6 challenge your peers round tables, 5 leading business partners and eventful icebreaker session on the eve before the conference. Highlights in 2013 are key note sessions from following industry leaders: John Patterson, Senior Director, compliance, manufacturing IT and Automation from Merck & co., Inc. in the United States, will showcase regulatory considerations while using cloud computing and SaS environments. Moreover, Mr. Patterson is going to discuss how to optimize the use of software as a service (SaS) and cloud computing to establish a virtual organization inclusive of research and development, manufacturing and IT infrastructure and support. Lastly, Mr. Patterson wants to demonstrate space paradigm shifts occurring in the technology. Hernan Vilas head of MES system from F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG in Switzerland want to contribute with a needs analysis and assessment of the individual utilization potential of MES. For next, he is going to argue for organizational requirements / economic and prioritization. Then, a discussion about IT and ERP requirements to follow. In addition, Mr. Vilas dispute wants about MES-requirements for a highly flexible manufacturing as well as the requirements from different types of production line MES. Finally a conclusion with a topic about MES between the planning and execution level will be drawn. Dr. Jens new Director information services and supply chain management from BASF SE / Germany, is going to provide overview about how to leverage combined strengths and MES for added business value and for process automation. Further on, he is going to provide techniques for assessing the key business drivers and goals, followed by a discussion about how to extend the business benefit of MES to get more value and automation out of process. Next, he wants to showcase repositioning personnel into higher sophistication and conclude with guidelines for integrating MES with corporate level 3 and 4 systems to deliver ERP, QC results and automatic batch review. Take advantage of this great opportunity comprising large information flows and great expertise exchanges. Come and take part in our icebreaker session on the day before the conference to get to know your peers. Enjoy the benefits of collective intelligence during our World Cafe and give a new and stimulating impetus to your business. Meet our business partners and discuss with them processes, solutions and products face to face and about more industry BBs talk themes and issues at our challenge your peers round tables. To get more information about the conference or to register, please follow this link: to get more information about the conference or to register, please follow this link: contact: Alexander Sladczyk / + 49 (0) 30 52 10 70 3 24)