Regulates temperature properly regulates the room temperature, keeping it between the 22 and 25 C. Thus not use to fund equipment, spending more money and limiting their time of life. As the humidity increases, it will be necessary to reduce the temperature to maintain the same thermal sensation. The temperature recommended in the summer months is 25 C, although the Ministry of industry has placed all units of air conditioning of their units to 24, established as well as official temperature for summer. One difference with the outside temperature of more than 12 C is not healthy and, in addition, for each degree that decrease temperature the device will consume 8% more energy.

Adequately insulates the House to avoid energy losses, it is useful to adequately insulate the House, especially with special care in the openings. Another important point is to use awnings, curtains and blinds that can reduce the heating of housing, preventing the direct radiation from the sun reaches the computer. With these energy saving tips energy consumption can be reduced in up to 30% if avoids the excessive heat input. Placed air conditioning away from heat sources such as lamps or appliances. The importance of ventilate, ventilate the House in the early hours of the morning and at night, in order to avoid excessive heating of the hours in which higher temperatures are recorded.

Similarly, avoid frequently open doors and Windows in the room in which the computer running. Regularly clean the equipment, air conditioning filters often become clogged by dust and dirt every day, considerably diminishing their performance. It is important to clean them once every two weeks, or once a month minimum, to reduce the solar consumo.energia. It is also important to make sure that the appliance does not have coolant leak. Calculate the humidity as well as temperature, it is important to properly regulate the moisture values. According to the advice of IDAE, the values should be between 40% and 60%.