They all came to the conclusion that there is nothing worse than persistence. You always want new and unusual. Here these people and choose their “unreal” profession. If you really become interesting, and you looked at the list of 100 of the coolest fake trades – Congratulations! The letter P is of show and other events. And it is very happy! First, you are independent, and secondly, this profession is now increasingly in demand, and thirdly the organization of holidays quite profitable! If you are acting toastmaster can immediately start reading the second chapter. And if you are just starting Stay with me. You stand on the threshold of a wonderful and beautiful world of holidays. And think – ‘Getting started’? Start with yourself! Believe in yourself and what you want to do.

That already have to wonder? Enough! We need to act – yesterday It was too late! Hidden secret of any professional is that he does what he likes. And what do you like you do with ease! (Eg eating ice cream) You must do what you like. This raises question – What do I like? Look into yourself to find his life’s work and ask simple questions, advertising and PR What makes me spontaneous interest? What is especially important to me? What makes me happy? How, chasing success in the traditional sense, I was (a) in a trap? What are my perceptions about money can be wrong? What lessons in childhood and adolescence brought me joy, and what of that, I would like (a) carry out now? What lessons during my career path brought me pleasure, and what I wanted out of this (a) would again do? What would make me happier? (Wealth and fame do not offer) Which of his talents and skills I am proud of most? What area of constantly stimulates my creativity, has always fascinated me and grabs? In what situation is best manifest my creative ability? Which one of my unique talents I gave up (a) for his current career? Is there something what I always wanted to (a) do, but for some reason could not (la)? Would (a) I would make a better world, a special, available only to me way? What a gift or inheritance, I would (a) would leave behind in the world? It is better to write your answers on paper. And take it as a standard business plan, the point of “take-off missiles.” By the way, what Russia is different from the civilized countries Europe and America: in them it is important that your desire to do something, and opportunities exist or will provide. WE all are important only your ability, but about the desire rarely remember when there is no money for a hunchback ‘Zaporozhets’. It is known that the most amazing success achieved most ordinary people. These ordinary people do extraordinary miracles only because they act when others are idle.

Moreover, much of the richest men in land made a fortune out of nothing, did not differ outstanding ability. They were simply thrust into his goal. So what do join us! I recommend to read the other articles in the topic at.