Because you ask me? She said no for nothing, I was just reading a magazine stating that according to the colors that liked a person, his personality could determine. Cristian mocking replied angie do not believe in the things that they say the psychologists always pass in inventing things that do not have any sense. Seeing that he could not delaying more Cristian told him: if perhaps you’re right, we’ll meet at the University, take care of yourself. When both hung up the phone speaker fell again into their realities. Wilmer one of Cristian’s friends said to him like you going to get the money for your transport? Since finished with the few coins that you had, and everything by putting you talk to a girl that everything has it at his fingertips. Not what is Wilmer in any case I got what you wanted, you could hear his linda.

Don’t be so stupid I replied Wilmer and went with this expression. Twenty minutes after that conversation, angie is look in the mirror and I am nonplussed with the beautiful glow of her white dress. Thus hasten down the elevator, when I get to the parking lot opened his car door and sighing said if same I hope that today, the indifferent Cristian let me love him and left after burning tires of the truck against the pavement leaving after if the illusion of living a true love. Arriving at the University asked one of friends if Cristian had already arrived which contesto le, the truth not as is. Just because you worry that pobreton. If you’re right you said angie, which made her feel the most hypocritical woman of the Earth. But society has its own paragdimas and women still feel the weight of social prejudices more fine which are wrapped in the majestic veil of a flower. 2007 Jose Orlando Melo NaranjoAngie was looking out the window of the classroom, when suddenly appeared a young man who wore a very simple dress, his face was bathed in sweat and her body felt exhausted, apparently had raced for hours.