No one can do damage; nothing can pass them: there will be no death for them; It has already come upon them. Not going happen nothing more. Do you want the security of a grave?. Without knowing it, thats what try to do around the world. The means are different, but the goal is the same. With the money, the power, the prestige, conformism social, belonging to a flock – religious, political-, to a family, a nation, what looking for?. An unknown fear surrounds you and begin to erect the largest number of potential barriers between you and fear.

But those same barriers will prevent you to live. Once you understand it, you will know the meaning of realize sanyass. It consists of accepting life as it is, in breaking down all the barriers and let life take possession of you. It is u step dangerous, but those who are able to give it receive a huge reward, because only they live, others survive. In life you cannot confine or capture anything. We must live in the air free, allowing all kinds of experiences and feeling a deep appreciation while last. Thanks, but no fear of tomorrow.

If today has brought a beautiful morning. A beautiful sunrise. the singing of the birds, large flowers why worry about tomorrow, if tomorrow will be another day?. Dawn may have different colors. Perhaps the birds change a little singing, Maybe there’s clouds and rain dance. But that has its own beauty, their own food. It is good that things will change, that the evenings are not equal, that they are not repeated every day. Something new, that is how exciting life, its ecstasy, because if we do not bored. And those who have ensured his life completely bored. They are bored of his wife, their children, their friends. Millions of people experiencing boredom, although they smile to hide it.