Recommended by veterinarians for osteoarthritis: Orthopedic Dog bed space from 100prozent Visco foam top news for all dog owners: the ward block dream dog dog beds on the market brought, which consist of 100% point-elastic Visco-foam and secure the dogs in the bed joint relief. All beds are tested by a digital ERGO check on optimum pressure relief. This Orthopedic Dog cushions and dog mats are suitable for the prevention of osteoarthritis as for dogs, which are already affected by the painful joint disease. Approximately 90% of all large dogs from the age of seven suffer from osteoarthritis and light and even small dogs tend increasingly to a rapid degradation of cartilage cells. For example, a congenital deformity of the joints (HD, ED), injury or incorrect training might be caused.

Often, arthritis in several joints occurs at the same time. A sign is if the dog limps and can stand up after a period of no longer good. Osteoarthritis is not curable, but can help sick dogs. In addition to a health care is the right dogs sleeping place of decisive importance. A dog blanket on the hard floor or located through dog bed are poison for the joints of the dog.

In close cooperation with veterinarians and dog physiotherapists, the ward block dream dog has developed therefore orthopedic dog beds from 100% Visco foam. This material, which is used in human mattresses and in nursing, has incomparably valuable properties in the points of stress relief, muscle relaxation, circulation and pain relief. Orthopedic dog beds from 100% Visco foam relieve the entire musculoskeletal system and keep the spine of the dog in the anatomically correct shape. A dogs sleeping place 100% Visco foam not only ensures a healthy and restful sleep, but can have a reduction of pain relievers to result on time. Every dog owner should contact individual approach his veterinarian.